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Secure Data Sharing

What's the point of having data if you can't share it? With AKCode products you can share your data with any registered user with the certainty that the things you share can only be seen by you and the people you share it with.

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Patented Military Encryption

Our technology is patented and has been used by the U.S. Military and U.S Government for years. Our apps are FIPS 140-2 validated. All AKCode products use this patented technology to secure your data wherever its it being used or stored.

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One Username. Total Security

AKCode uses a single user credential to encrypt and secure all of your data. By using this system all your data is secure, but completely accessible to you on all your devices and machines. AKCode products are also integrated with biometric systems for ease of use.

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Who is AKCode?

AKCode is a cybersecurity company that provides patented privacy and data security technology based on the US Government’s Certified Anonymous Key Technology (AKT). Confidential and private information is stolen every day. AKT provides your company with trusted security solutions that cannot be duplicated in the world of cybersecurity. AKT is simple and intuitive, providing users with confidence that all information, communications and data are protected at a military grade level. Our mission is to protect and safeguard the lifeblood of any business – Information, Communications and Data. AKT is a plug and play solution that keeps your information safe from hackers.

AKCode has been protecting data and communications in the U.S. Government for over 15 years and is now bringing this technology to the consumer, small business and enterprise level customers.

AKCode Technology

What is Anonymous Key Technology?

Anonymous Key Technology can be described as the evolutionary combination of traditional security technologies. Security experts like to see traditional technologies that are well understood and accepted. AKT uses traditional cryptographic algorithms like AES, the secure hash standard and traditional key management like Key Encrypting Keys and Data Encrypting Keys. AKT’s unique methodology provides a simple authentication system that delivers secure data transmissions based on the results of the authentication.

  • Every transaction can be unique and has a defacto bi-directional authentication
  • Authentication is done at both the server and the client
  • AKT encryption is done in client and server memory, so there are no unencrypted temporary files
  • Registration of a client can either be through the web or by a Crypto Officer
  • The AKT suite can and has been installed and used on mobile devices
  • AKT could be used in conjunction with PKI if signing of documents using asymmetric keys was a requirement

    Securing your data and communications

    Secure Everything on Any Device
    ShieldMe365 is a subscription service with a twist. Instead of buying individual apps to secure yourself from hackers and government surveillance, subscribe to ShieldMe365 and use any of the apps we develop. Every app we develop is free for every subscriber. All the apps we have already built and anything we build in the future. ShieldMe365 gives you the defenses you need to protect your sensitive data and communications wherever it lives: On endpoints, in the cloud or on your device. Its powerful military grade encryption technology is secured with the patented Anonymous Key Technology (AKT) to ensure your financial records, intellectual property, personally identifying information, communications and other sensitive data are completely secure with our user-friendly apps.
    What can the apps do for you?
  • Secures your files on any device or computer with a single click, locally or in the cloud
  • Protects your privacy while using SMS, Voice and Video conversations
  • Let you take private personal pictures and ensure they are stored securely
  • Let you securely share your data with any person you want
  • Secure Information Sharing

    How does AKCode securely share my information?

    Generally, sharing of data is done through SSL or the use of private digital certificates but these two methods are fraught with danger. AKCode on the other hand, uses a new methodology which guarantees that the information is both shared and secured. The methodology is based on trust established between two entities. If Alice trusts Bob, then Alice can share something with Bob and if Bob can prove that he is Bob, then he can get access to the document. In sharing, the files are not re-encrypted when the recipient gets the file. In fact, the file is not decrypted until the recipient actually opens the file. Because of the fact the files are not decrypted at intermediate points, there is no ability for a hacker to compromise the files during the transfer process.

    Patented Military Encryption

    AKT utilizes AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) a symmetric encryption algorithms that has been widely employed, tested, and proven in the marketplace. By combining unique communication processes and Anonymous Keys, AKT protects the privacy and integrity of confidential data at all points in the communications process including the data residing with the user’s computer, on the server, and at all points while in transit.

    Patent Number 6,941,454

    Government Certifications
  • Federal Information and Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Certificate No.339
  • AES Certificates No. 38 and 47
  • SHS Certificates No. 128 and 142
  • One Username Total Security

    How does Anonymous Key Technology work?

    AKCode uses a technique for authentication that does NOT require the password or the username to be sent to the server. Because of this methodology, the username and password are not compromised if the server is hacked, which, is almost certain going forward. Therefore, you can choose one username and password and this combination will work seamlessly for all AKCode products. You do not need to choose overly complex passwords and you do not need to change them because you are the only one who has access to the password as it is never stored anywhere.

    Secured with AKT - Anonymous Key Technology®

    Since 2004, AKCode has been leveraging Anonymous Key Technology (AKT) to build some of the most sophisticated and secure products available to date. We have products that range from Secure Cloud Services to encrypted Telehealth and everything in between! If you have an application or a need for secure and authenticated access to data, AKCode has a solution for you.

    Please read our Privacy Policy for more information about how we handle your personal information.


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